What folks are saying about Tom’s poetry and performances.

Tom Swearingen's poetry and performing is a step above. He not only has something to say, but he makes it interesting and entertaining. That’s not easy to do.
-Baxter Black

You are really good. Really, really, good.
-Waddie Mitchell

Tom Swearingen has earned his due devoting himself to the craft of poetry and also being there in the horse/cow crowd. I’ve seen him perform a few times and his poetry hits home with ranchy folks…Tom is a horseman. Tom writes really fine poetry. He works hard at it. He travels and spreads the good words and stories of this life way. He deserves to be featured in Elko.
- Hal Cannon, Founding Director of the Western Folklife Center and National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko, Nevada.

It’s a privilege to get to do a show with Tom Swearingen.
- Juni Fisher, WMA Entertainer of the Year and 3-Time Female Performer of the Year.

Thanks Tom! You made a valuable addition to the group. I hope you’ll consider coming back.
- Dale Page, Cimarron Cowboy Music and Poetry Gathering Co-Organizer

Thank you so much for being instrumental in making 2015 a "very good year." I'm so glad you were part of our Gathering. We look forward to having you back.
- Durango Cowboy Poetry Gathering Board VP

Thank you Tom for your great performances at the 2017 Spirit of the West Cowboy Gathering in Ellensburg, Washington. It is easy to see why you are a two time winner of the National Finals Rodeo Cowboy Poetry Contest.

- Molly Morrow, Spirit of the West Cowboy Gathering Photographer

Mike and I really enjoyed you yesterday. Wonderful show Tom! It was fantastic and you helped to make it a great success! Thank You!
- Darlene Brady, Spirit of the West Cowboy Gathering Committee

Thank you so much for the spot-on energy, humor, and wit you brought to last night’s performance at the Walters Cultural Arts Center. Thanks to you, 65+ people went home last night with a good dose of cowboy lore—as well as deeper heartfelt messages to ponder. It was one of our larger audiences—you may have noticed we were scrambling for extra chairs at the end there—and we received so many lovely compliments on your behalf after the show. A complete success!
- Cultural Arts Center Supervisor

I really enjoyed your “sale bill” poem. You do a good job. Keep it up.
- Yvonne Hollenbeck, 4-Time Western Music Association Female Poet of the Year

Tom is a great poet and an outstanding MC.
- R.J. Vandygriff, 2014 CMA of TEXAS Hall of FAME INDUCTEE,2013 Academy of Western Music Best Western Male Vocalist

Tom's poems come from the heart. He's a fantastic wordsmith.
- Jennifer Epps, singer with Horse Crazy Cowgirl Band, 2015 WMA Group of the Year and Notable Exceptions, 2015 WMA Harmony Duo of the Year

Thanks again for the delightful poetry hour last Thursday at the Burning Boar. We love your stories and your presentation style. Thank you for being you! You are, indeed, an Oregon treasure!
- Lottie S.

Thanks so much for sharing your poetry with us. We are so fortunate to have such a talent right in our own backyard!
- Julie W. Program Librarian.

The group had high praise for you and loved the presentation.
- Portland Royal Rosarians

It’s was a great program tonight. You did a fantastic job. We got a very good turnout too. People really enjoyed your performance and the feedback showed. Someone wrote, “something I never heard before, was great”. Another one, “Just wonderful, not enough space for all the happy adjectives”. Let’s keep in touch and we can do it again next year.
- Ning W. Adult Services Librarian

Thank you so much for your program at Tigard Public Library last night. My husband and I really loved it! You have a true gift for both music and poetry, as your recited poetry is music!
- Elizabeth & Keith O.

Really enjoyed hearing your poetry at the event for the Portland Mounted Police. My 13 year old grandson didn't think he'd like it but he was really in to it. Thank you!
- Mary K.

I can understand why Rick Huff gave your Horses and Happiness CD such a strong recommendation. Your readings have a delightful rhythm to them, your diction is excellent and making the recording at a house concert gave a nice feel to the whole set. And I really appreciate your gentle humour.
- Colin Thursby, England

Tom Swearingen was excellent as our “First Wednesday Lecture Series” speaker. Not only did he enlighten most of us about cowboy poetry but he recited some of his poems. It was an enjoyable, interesting and entertaining evening.
- Oswego Heritage Center

Only a true poet can bring the blind to see and this is what you've done in your Poetry.
- Audience member, Beaverton History Center

Rhymes, rhythm and wit come so easily to Swearingen that it inspires laughter that is accompanied by awe. He makes even a city boy want to saddle up and ride toward the western stars.
- Cliff Newell, Portland Tribune

Thank you for your amazing performance last night. I could not be more pleased with the event.
- Julie Wickman, Tualatin Public Library

We had Tom Swearingen as our speaker today. Bottom line: He was excellent. With his topic, we really did not know what to expect, but he was very entertaining, polished, professional, etc. All of us present thought he was one of the best speakers we have had. I definitely recommend him.
- Program Chair, Wilsonville Rotary

Yesterday you did a great job and a good time was had by all. I’ve been asked to have you back for an encore performance!
- Tualatin Rotary Club Program Coordinator

Just listened to "Horses and Happiness." Great job. I really like this CD. I'm debating between "Bombproof Pinto Mare" and" Cowgirl From Nantucket" for my show Wednesday! I hope you sell thousands!!!
- Totsie Slover, Real West from the Old West, KOTS AM1230, Deming, NM

Listening to Tom Swearingen’s “Rhyme ‘Em Cowboy!” CD this morning. You'll smile at his original rhyme and metered tales, delivered with feeling and timing to his live audience. His fine enunciation allows you to savor each word and thought. Well done, Tom!
- Dale Page, WMA 2015 Cowboy Poetry CD of the Year Winner

“If you didn't make it to the holiday party, then you missed out! Go look up Tom Swearingen Oregon Cowboy Poet's Facebook page and get his CD!”
“It was great, and a joy to listen to!”
“Tom, you hit the nail on the head so many times with your selections tonight, and it was a pleasure to share the evening with you and Carla!”
“I sure enjoyed the cowboy poet, Tom Swearingen, he was really entertaining.”
"It would be fun to have Tom present at a state ride or at the State Round Up!"
- North Valley Chapter Oregon Equestrian Trails member Facebook posts following annual dinner performance

Tom Swearingen Lights Up the Meeting with Cowboy Verse. We were delighted with his homespun yarns and Cowboy Verse. Using words with whimsy, Tom opens the door to the “Cowboy” heart and frame of mind giving all of us a peak in.
- Lake Oswego Rotary Club Newsletter

We really love hearing you recite your poetry. Also the back stories and getting to know a little about your life and attitude is the real plus in our book. I think the back stories really bring the poetry to life and you really touch your audience with your candor.
- Dave and Patti Hancock, house concert attendees.

“If you are looking for a program that is a change of pace, very entertaining and informative, I recommend Tom Swearingen. Tom is a poet, and writes and delivers cowboy poetry. He has won awards for his writing, and is very entertaining. I highly recommend Tom for a program everyone will enjoy.”
- John Amond, Rotary International District Speakers Bureau Chair

Cowboy Poet Tom Swearingen shined his amazing talent reciting five poems including his award winning "Cowgirl from Nantucket"! He closed with a poem recalling the selling of items from the family farm decades ago in the Midwest. Very moving! Tom will forever be our Poet Lariat!
- East Portland Rotary Club Newsletter

You are a FABULOUS talent. You have great stage presence and great material too. Your rhyming is very true, no cheating with you. Good solid rhymes and your meter doesn't falter. I love what you are doing
- Lauralee Northcott, songwriter, poet, and leader of Horse Crazy Cowgirl Band, 2015 WMA Group of the Year

Enjoyed your work. Partial to “Replanted Roots”.
- Ken Cook, 2010 Academy of Western Artists Male Poet of the Year

Your poem ”When a Horse Hoof Hits the Ground” is a fine story with a very interesting structure which I couldn't resist. I was reminded that Badger Clark said (when I knew him back in the early 40s) that the sound of hoofs was the rhythm of his poetry and you've caught up that spirit in your poem.
- Clark Crouch, Author, Poet, Editor, two-time winner of the Will Rogers Medallion Award for his cowboy poetry books

We were pleased to have as our speaker cowboy poet Tom Swearingen – classic, fun, and entertaining cowboy (and cowgirl) poetry. He made us laugh with his lyrical style and stories of old west heroism and life on the horse.
- Rotary Club of Vancouver Metro Sunset

St. Paul Rodeo's Wild West Art Show provided lively entertainment this evening, and the fun duo of western singer Andy Bales and cowboy poet Tom Swearingen will be back tomorrow to share more tales of the West and the colorful folks that live here with stories, poetry, music and song. These guys are a treat to the ears, and you'll leave laughin'!
- St. Paul Rodeo

Your writing style is unique and witty and you recite with an honesty that adds to your stage presence.
- Wayne Nelson, Cowboy Poets of Idaho Hall of Fame Inductee.

Cowboy Church was great. Tom Swearingen shared a fantastic poem titled “Save” that he just wrote; anyone that hasn’t heard this guy, well, y'all are in for a treat.
- Duane Nelson…National Cowboy Poetry Rodeo 2nd Place Finisher.

We appreciate Tom Swearingen’s tribute poem to the women of rodeo and the memory of legendary bronc riders and performers of yesteryear. We hope you enjoy the poem as much as we did.
- National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame.