Language of the Land

Language of the Land CDNow Available! Tom’s 3rd CD

As with his first two CDs, which were International Western Music Association “Cowboy Poetry CD of the Year” Finalists, Language of the Land was professionally recorded during a live concert performance. Language of the Land includes fourteen original poems plus an introduction and bonus recitation of the Bruce Kiskaddon classic The Gentle Hoss. In addition to the title track, the CD features Tom’s poems Ropin’ Mama’s Llama, Keep ‘em Moving Slow – Coming Storm, Keep ‘em Moving Slow- Next Morning, Oh No You Don’t!, In the Shadow of Tree Line, Folks Who Do Know Horses, Bombproof Pinto Mare, Only Place for Me, A Few Lines for Oregon, Cowgirl from Nantucket, Someday, St. Paul Rodeo, and History and Pride for a total of 16 tracks.

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Rhyme ´Em Cowboy!

Rhyme ´Em Cowboy CDInternational Western Music Association
“Cowboy Poetry CD of the Year”
2018, 2017, and 2016 Finalist!

As with his debut CD Horses and Happiness, a two-time finalist for Western Music Association Poetry CD of the Year, Rhyme ´Em Cowboy! was professionally recorded during a live performance. Rhyme ´Em Cowboy! includes the title track plus Teddy Franke is One Tough Hand, One to Ride the River With, Steens Mountain Cow Camp, Spot On Perfect Balance, Mystery of Superstition Mountain, The Visit, Ten Days in December, Dogies in Our Band, For the Coffee Creek Inmate Quilters, Well Howdy Little Feller, Just a Solitary Chimney, Pendleton Round-Up Wagon Train, Scotty’s Christmas Tree, Save, Replanted Roots, and When a Horse Hoof Hits the Ground for a total of 17 original poems.

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Horses and Happiness CDWestern Music Association
“Cowboy Poetry CD of the Year”
2014 and 2015 Finalist!

Professionally recorded during a live performance, this collection of eleven original poems plus welcome track gives evidence why Tom is a popular presenter at cowboy gatherings and western events, as well as with general audiences.

Often inspired by his own time in the saddle, Tom writes poetry ranging from the humorous to serious and reflective. Horses and Happiness covers that spectrum with I Don’t Call Myself a Cowboy, Blessed to be Western, Bombproof Pinto Mare, Cowgirl From Nantucket, Winter Pleasure Ride, Thurman the Beer Mule’s Dad Takes a Spill, Oregon’s Outlaw Henry Vaughn, When a Horse Hoof Hits the Ground, Replanted Roots, and Nightwind. Gentle Spirit, Noble Soul in addition to the title poem.

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